Yoga Inversions

Master inversions - over come your fear and learn to defy gravity with these step-by-step instructions. How to prepare for and stay safe in yoga inversions.


This plan will teach you how to go upside down and play with advanced inversions and transitions.


The poses in this series are the ones that are the most accessible to people who have mastered their basic handstand and are ready to move onto new poses.


Whether you practice Yoga or not, these videos will help you build muscle, increase your strength and improve your body awareness and control.


Focus three parts:



1) Strength Warm Up: to warm the right muscle groups for that particular pose and prepare your body to enter that pose with strength and grace.



2) Posture Theory: to help you understand how the pose should feel when you enter it, and give you cues to help you understand how the position should feel.



3) Practice: We’ll practice the head balance or arm balance together!



For all of you who have been playing with handstands and arm balances, and aren’t sure where to go next, this is the perfect plan for you.


You’ll learn how to combine all these different poses in fun and interesting ways!


Richard says “Every time we challenge ourselves in an inversion or arm balance, we learn a little more about ourselves and how we do in a fearful or stressful situation. Bringing mindfulness to the movement helps us understand what’s going on and the fear goes away”