The Tree of Life story



The "Tree of Life" is transformation and growth when a humble seed matures to an impressive oak.


The change from an acorn to an oak starts from the foundation. Initially the start is the most difficult process battling of weather and external influences exposing the fragile structure of the seed. Aftertime the seed receives nourishment then the foundation creates a strong base sprouting into the bigger world. The change from the acorn to oak is similar of our difficult life situations. You receive sustenance from physical, emotion and spiritual elements initiating your own foundation that gives stability ready to promote and growth.


More than ten years ago (May 2005), I had a stroke due to a birth defect that was like a time bomb that was going to happen. A simple operation helped me to recover my heart however during the stroke, a blood clot arrived at my left hemisphere brain stopping oxygen thus damaging the brain cells of the speech area resulting of Aphasia. If you’re new to Aphasia, primary signs of the language disorder include difficulty in expressing oneself when speaking, trouble understanding speech, and confusion with reading and writing. At that time I was a banker but due to aphasia I couldn’t communicate or understand and lost my job. After a few months I had to change from a suit to a labourer. I met with SALTS (Speech and Language Therapists) once a week but communication was very difficult. The change from severe Aphasia to relative conversation helped me with yoga. Yoga helped me to settle down the fluctuations of my confused mind that started to create stability. Rather than battle the difficulties, I acknowledged the stroke side effects and nourished my soul that established a strong foundation giving growth and transformation. Aftertime I found this methodology or the definition of Tree of Life helped me to mend the cracks. The combination of yoga and the Tree of Life is similar the tree trunk, as on each year it creates another layer thus stronger and more impressive. My ongoing inspiration of the Tree of Life story is one way to approach a life situation and remember it is not a cure but rather a journey that gives you tools to change. 








Recognise your life situation. It's easy to turn away but it buys you short term gain at the price of long term pain. Just acknowledge it and remember you can’t quickly resolve the issue.








Various emotions react to your life situation such as anger, frustration, fear, anxiety or depressed. Mentally create all of your life situation emotions into a small flaming ball that is floating above your hands. Now observe the scene of red ball of emotions such as the top of the ball, the side, underneath and around. If any strong feelings still pop up then drop them in the ball and still focus the flaming ball as a vision of your mind. After observing the red ball of emotions from different perspectives then start to juggle from one hand to another. Repeat a few times, watch any differences and just observe. 









Now we will maintain the flaming ball of emotions. Firstly mentally dig a hole at the base of the Tree of Life and place the ball of fire in the hole. Next to you there is a small bucket of water and gently pour water over the flaming ball. The more you pour water, the more the flaming ball is becoming to ashes and water. Observe the ball and notice the changes from fire to ashes which is bringing sustenance to the tree. Refill the hole and reconnect the changes of the ball of emotions from fire to nourishment.









The ashes and water is nourishment or power that starts at the roots that help to cultivate the Tree that builds stability. When the roots are strong then the Tree is growing tall which is similar your life situation. When grounded, you make decisions with clarity and vitality. If your roots or your stability is creaking then return back to the Tree of Life methodology of acknowledge, observation and nourishment. With energy, the Tree roots explore different sources of energy thus promoting further growth and transformation. The methodology of Tree of Life can be uphill but this is a journey with a cycle of development and SW Power Yoga promotes your wellbeing.

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