Pre & Post Natal Yoga


The private 1-to-1 class is designed to prepare you mentally & physically for a calmer birth process and to assist post natal recovery


Pre Natal Yoga

Yoga is possible during pregnancy. The most important thing is to honour your body at all times. Listen to your intuition and realize poses may change dramatically for you during pregnancy. Consult your doctor for any issues that you experience and be sure your doctor is aware of your practice. It is important to avoid intense inversions and any poses lying on the belly. When it comes to twisting poses it is important to proceed with caution.


As the pregnancy progresses you may find the twisting is not possible at all! You want to be cautious with hip opening exercises and abdominal exercises. You also want to avoid building too much heat with your breath and body keeping your temperature steady and cooler. Don’t be afraid to use yoga blankets and blocks to support your body into a more comfortable position.


Post Natal Yoga

Wonderful, you've had the baby and now feel ready to exercise:


Firstly, remember that everyone is different and that these are only guidelines. It is advisable to wait until after you have been given the go-ahead in your post-natal check. These checks are at approximately six weeks for a natural birth and eight/nine weeks for a cesarean. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve just had a baby and your body needs time to recover.


Yoga at this level is not cardiovascular, and should be supplemented with a suitable low-moderate intensity aerobic activity such as Buggyfit Clapham. Yoga is ideal for the postnatal period and the pressures a woman faces during this time. Fatigue, weakened abdominals, demands of breastfeeding, and just day-to-day care of a baby can make it difficult for women to regain their strength and figure. Many find it difficult to tone the tummy after giving birth, particularly after a C-section or a difficult delivery. Re-training this area should be done from the inside out! Emphasis is on strengthening deep abdominal muscles to ensure good technique when you come back to those sit-ups!


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