Yoga for Insomnia


Yoga can help insomnia sufferers through various poses, and breathing or meditation exercises. It is designed to calm a troubled mind and rebalance the body. 


Yoga nidra is a series of mind, body, and awareness techniques that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It relieves insomnia by allowing you to disengage from thoughts and other stressors and to experience deep relaxation. Follow the 20min audio and gently ease your mind and body. This practice will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed!













If you need bespoke yoga therapy for Insomnia or 1-to-1 Nidra Yoga please email: or mobile 07702 111 276.


Other remedies are: 

Make Your Body Tired
A smart suggestion is to make your body tired. Practising a vigorous form of yoga, such as power yoga, will eventually turn the sleepy signals in your body 'on'. But, be aware that exercise can stimulate the body and be sure to practice yoga hours before you wish to hit the hay. 

If it is stress that is keeping you up at night you may like to employ yogic breath. The breath is inextricably linked to the mind, and so by slowing down the rate of the breath you can slow down the whirling monkey mind. Try the full yogic breath before bed: As you inhale slowly feel the abdomen expanding like a balloon, then draw the breath into the chest and feel the ribcage expand. Next, breathe right up into the clavicles (collar bones) to fill the lungs to full capacity. Exhale slowly, allowing all the air to escape. Repeat as long as you see fit. 

All forward bends loosen up tension and calm the mind. Take a seat with your legs extended out in front of you. As you exhale, lean forward over your legs. You should be able to feel the hamstrings stretching gently, but avoid any sensation of pulling in your lower back. You may like to bend your knees if you do feel tightness in the back. Slowly move deeper into the pose with each breath, whilst hanging your head down gently.

Another restorative position is the corpse pose (savasana). The Corpse Pose is the go-to position for relaxing the body. Simply lie flat on your back, with your feet hip distance apart and arms beside the body, palms facing up. Soften all the muscles of the body and focus on your breath. Spend a few minutes in the position, eyes closed and body still.

Try these poses at any time, whether just before bed or if you can't sleep.


Nidra Yoga - Richard Timu
yoga, Battersea, nidra
yoga, Battersea, nidra